High school reunion

It was pleasure meeting childhood friends from school today after 18 years.

We were expecting at least 10 of our 95 batch mates of KV1 Hindon but only 6 of us could make it for the first reunion. Nevertheless, it was quite a fun and we all had a blast.

After reintroducing ourselves to each other, we were in back-to-school mode in no time and it was fun after that. We gossiped about everyone who was not around, discussed our school time heartbreaks, affairs, who-was-hot-who-was-not and what not.

We all managed to finish a few pitchers of Kingfisher while these intresting conversations were on. It was all heart-to-heart conversations.. no polishing and no pretensions whatsoever.. Just like how we used to do it during our school days.

I am looking forward to many more such reunions and much more participation from my childhood buddies.

High School Reunion

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High school reunion

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