The windmills of Kinderdijk, Netherlands

We had heard a lot about Netherlands wind mills that were built more than two centuries ago and are still into existence.For many centuries these windmills played an important role in the drainage & subsequent reclamation of the lands in NL. These windmills were already on our agenda for this weekend.

Arun checked the bus and train route and selected the best way to reach Kiderdijk. Bus was a little more convenient than train as it was the direct route. So we left for the bus stop from where we were to board the bus number 90 for Kinderdijk. I remember the bus number because it saved us some 40 € for the travel. For some reasons, that day it was free travel on that route so we didn’t have to pay anything for our trip to Kinderdijk. Arun was excited and could hardly control his happiness when the driver told him that it was a free day. I also had a similar or may be even more intense reaction when Arun told me about it.

After an hour and twenty minutes journey we reached Kinderdijk. From the bus stop itself we could see some windmills. The weather was very pleasant that day and it added to our pleasure.

After we all used the toilet (using a single 50 cent coin) we were all set to explore and appreciate the beauty of the 19 windmills that were there. It was very scenic and calm place and spent some some quality time there and clicked some nice snaps for my photo album.

After spending about couple of hours and after clicking photographs around the windmills in all possible posses like all Indians do, we wrapped up and decided to go to Rotterdam to see some more sites. Of-course we boarded the same bus route number 90.

Arun suggested a few more sites that we could have visited on the same day but I didn’t feel like going anywhere as Ranit had already slept in his pram and it would have been a bit of inconvenience for him. Besides I was still awestruck after seeing the beautiful and natural windmills of Kinderdijk and didn’t want to let thyis feeling go for some more time.

We realized that we had not eaten anything after the breakfast and decided to get some chicken kebabs and french fries. After spoiling the floor of kebab shop with the chicken and bread from our kebabs we decided to call it a day and started our journey for Arun’s apartment. We also had to pack our bags for next day as we had planned to see Amsterdam city and board the train for Brussels directly from there.

Overall it was another wonderful day!!!

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