History, heritage and beauty of Italy

After a long wait for summers and good holiday deals, we finalized our itinerary during last week of May. The trip was planned from 19th June till 26th June. This time we chose to stay at camping sites at the out skirts of Rome city centre and now I can say that it was a good decision as the camping was fun and we always had something to do after returning from our day trips from Rome and other places.

I found Rome very close and comparable to our India, particularly Delhi, in a number of ways. The weather, the people, their hospitality, familiar and pleasant smell of the soil after it rained, helping and fun loving nature of people, houses with roof top television antennas and scooters everywhere were some of the few similarities that we observed. We explored the rich history of Rome for three days followed by an afternoon at Ostia Antica beach. The weather was at our side most of the times except for the first day when it rained throughout the day and last day when we nearly fainted due the hot sunny day.

Colosseum was the best place to see in Rome closely followed by Vatican City, Trevi fountain, Spanish steps and a few piazzas (Rectangular open areas in the city usually surrounded by restaurants and shops. Nice places to hang out with friends and observe city culture).

Next we went to Florence and just after checking in our hotel we went to see the leaning tower of Pisa. It was worth the visit and the white marble used in its construction reminded me of the Taj Mahal. We returned to Florence in the evening and kept roaming around in the city till late night while Ranit was having a nap in his Pram. It was fun. Florence has some very huge and beautiful old churches that we kept looking at in awe.

Final place on our trip was Venice and we had spared around 3 days for this place. I am not exaggerating when I say that Venice was the most beautiful place that I have seen till now. Rajni seconds this feeling. We spent a lot of time on the boats. We also saw the making of Murano glass on Murano island and Rajni even bought a jewellery set as a souvenir from Murano. We walked through the streets deep inside the Venice city and thoroughly enjoyed our time there. Ice lollies proved a lot effective in beating the heat on venice during those sunny days. There is so much about the city to talk and write about; Some other time perhaps.

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