A day trip to Aquatopia at Antwerp, Brussels

Aquatopia is a popular educational attraction in central Antwerp, Belgium. It features a set of aquariums, along with recreations of other marine habitats, including swamps, rain forests, river deltas, and coral reefs. Aquatopia also includes a number of special exhibits covering sharks, nautilus, and mysteries of the deep.

We went to see Aquatopia with Arun and Anagha who were visting us from Netherlands. It was a nice trip and Ranit was so excited after seeing so many fishes and other sea animals. Shark show was amazing and after that show Ranit kept asking that if shark can eat dad if he jumps into that water. Ranit also managed to get a Dolphin puzzle as a gift from Arun and that kept Ranit busy for quite a few days. While I am writing this Ranit is busy assembling the same Dolphin puzzle.

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