Day trip to the largest city of Netherlands - Amsterdam

The city of glamour, weed and fun, Amsterdam, was the last site that was on our agenda. Unlike Arun’s basic nature, he was very accommodating :-) and agreed to almost all our plans and gave up giving anymore advices for site seeing. We all surrendered to Rajni’s agenda of feeding grains to pigeons on dam square and get some snaps clicked on the giant “ I AMSTERDAM” structure, followed by a tour of famous red light district of Amsterdam.

After spending sometime at Dam Square we moved towards the Bloeman market which is known for wide variety of flowers and souvenirs items. We bought some small wooden shoes, small windmill replicas and famous cheese of Holland.

After that we started asking people about the “I AMSTERDAM” structure. Nobody seemed to knew about any such thing in Amsterdam. Eventually we got some hint about it that it was near “Rijks” museum. On the way to the Rijks museum we passed through the famous Vondel Park and clicked some snaps there. It was freezing cold in the park as it was open from all sides. We were surprised to see some people jogging there in shots and plane track suits.

After asking a few more people we finally made it to the museum and the “I AMSTERDAM” place.

We clicked some snaps there and after Rajni was satisfied, we moved ahead to see the red light area of Amsterdam. It started raining on the way and we were carrying only one umbrella which was obviously not enough to accommodate all of us. We were also very hungry so decided to get into some restaurant for some snacks and stay there until it stops raining. It was all non-vegetarian restaurant, so Anagha did not have anything accept for few biscuits with Mayonnaise. She is too sweet to complain about anything.

Eventually we all reached the place that we all wanted to see and that was Red Light district. We didn’t need to ask anyone about this place as it was all too obvious as soon as we reached there. Thankfully, Ranit was sleeping in his pram so I was spared from answering all those questions that he would have asked. We spend some half an hour in those streets and then started back for Amsterdam railway station from where we had to catch our train for Brussels.

It was the most fun filling and full filling trip that we have had in Europe and we highly appreciate Arun and Anagha for being the perfect host.

I am looking forward for some more site seeing tours of Nederlands during tulip season.

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Day trip to the largest city of Netherlands - Amsterdam

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